Marin Spivack interviewed by Israeli Podcast 2018, 3 Parts

This is a multi-part interview by a Podcast in Israel called “No Wax Needed” that focuses on broad variety of martial arts and martial arts related subjects.  In this case their audience is not specially focused on Chen Taijiquan, or any Taijiquan.  Therefore some of the areas covered might be unusual and interesting for those who are used to always talking to their small crowd of enthusiasts.  Successive segments will be posted as they release them.

Listen here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Chen Taijiquan 23 Sequences 2018

Welcome to an Old Friend

Saturday we had cause for celebration as we welcome another long term compatriot in the Taijiquan gongfu pursuit through the door to deeper practice and preservation of this ages old art. Nuri Friedlander has been a hard working student for a number of years now, fighting the good fight to balance a life with family, work, and practice and still find a way to show up.

Everyone has enjoyed his company and friendship. More recently he found a way to allow for more practice and somewhat shockingly made fast progress to overcome obstacles and receive from that experience the confidence to take on a greater commitment.

The great satisfaction of teaching is watching students succeed and the art take root in their bodies and lives. Like a child watching a tree sprout from seed the first time, there is a wonder in observing this very natural art come alive, again.

We celebrate the many years into the future he will nurture this seed to a tree, then a forest. I thank all those friends and family in attendance for their friendship and support of this challenging and obscure lifestyle. We are all enriched by Nuri’s progress, presence and intensity.


New additions

Yesterday we had the good fortune to welcome Yu Dechang to our gongfu family.  He has been a very hard working and dedicated student and shows great promise to develop gongfu and carry on this rare art.  His dedication and cheerful character are well received by the school and gongfu brothers and sisters alike.  We are looking forward to future practice and camaraderie with a new level of depth.

The serious student looking for a great art and teacher is a difficult objective, rarely achieved.  However the serious teacher looking for suitable and dedicated students is even less likely to achieve.  In the case that both meet their objective the opportunity must be seized.  Gongratulations, thanks and welcome, Yu Dechang!


Chen Shi Taijiquan & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Crashup

The video series you are about to watch is a walk through of some of our in-the-moment fun and research. I, (Marin Spivack), am at the time these videos were made a 22 year practitioner, 20th gen. tudi of Chenyu, and teacher of Chen Taijiquan. I have absolutely zero experience or exposure to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any other trained ground-fighting method, and have never actually practiced it with anyone before one week prior to the filming of this video. (more…)

Marin Spivack Chen Taijiquan Gongfu Jia Workshop Israel 2018

Marin is 20th generation lineage holder in Chen-style Taiji (Tai Chi) – the oldest and original form of the unique martial art. His teacher, Chenyu (grandson of Chen Fake), got the whole of the art from his father, Chen Zhaokui, starting at the age of 7.

The 4-day Taiji (Tai Chi) workshop will take place in Tel Aviv from May 16th to May 19th. Every day will consist of about 6 hours of teaching and training with Marin. Extra days will be offered based on students’ requests.

It is extremely difficult, not only to the body, but to the mind, as our frame requires meticulous attention to a huge amount of detail.

The cost of the workshop is 2,250 ILS, paid half on reservation and half a week before the workshop starts. The first half is refundable until the exact dates are announced.

The number of participants is limited to 18. To apply for a spot, please email



מרין הוא דור 20 בשושלת של טאיג’י (טאי צ’י) צ’ן – הסגנון המקורי של אמנות הלחימה הייחודית. המורה שלו, צ’ן יו (הנכד של צ’ן פה-קה, ראש המשפחה האחרון), ירש את מלוא האמנות מאבא שלו – צ’ן ג’אוקווי, כשהחל ללמוד בגיל 7, והוא אחד מהשושלות הבודדות ששמרו את האמנות במלואה.

סדנת הטאיג’י (טאי צ’י) תתקיים בתל אביב ב16 עד ה19 במאי. כל יום יכלול כשש שעות למידה ואימון עם מרין. ימים נוספים יתקיימו על פי דרישה מהתלמידים.

הסדנה קשה מאוד. לא רק פיזית, אלא גם מחשבתית, בעקבות תשומת הלב שנדרשת לכמות ענקית של פרטים אליהם יש לשים לב בזמן האימון.

עלות הסדנה היא 2,250 ש”ח. אותה יש לשלם חצי בעת אישור ההזמנה וחצי שבוע לפני תחילתה. ניתן לקבל החזר לחצי הראשון עד לרגע בו נכריז על תאריכים ספציפיים לסדנה.

כמות המשתתפים מוגבלת ל18 איש. כדי להגיש בקשה, או עבור כל שאלה, שלחו מייל לכתובת

Marin Spivack Chen Shi Taijiquan Gongfu Jia Workshop Colorado #2 December 8-11 2017

Dates: December 8th-11th.

This will be the second focused training workshop for Traditional Chen Taijiquan Gongfu Jia in Fort Collins, CO on the methods and line of Chen Zhaokui via his Son Chenyu, as taught to and by his 20th Generation Tudi Marin Spivack.

Attendance is invitation, and/or application only. Participation will be strictly limited to those with the specific intent and ability to follow through on long term training in this particular art & line.  Interested parties should contact through this site’s contact page.

This is not for those looking for an introduction who are focused and comitted to another practice/style/school. This is for those who want a new direction and are fully ready to take it on. The training is very very challenging and we are not watering it down for commercial concerns. If you would like to attend you will have to individually apply via message or email explaining why you are a good fit forthis training and how it may fit into your future. While this may seem strict and rigid, no one else is bothering to do this and so be it. For carefree and easygoing training in Chen Taijiquan there are plenty of simple commercial offerings for those who find this unacceptable.

The training will be very detail rich and following the traditional model of establishing rigorous fundamental structural building blocks ad basic abilities before additional layers are placed above. The exact curriculum is still fluid. Returning students will certainly have an indepth review of the first sessions material and corrections and refinement of it as well. Then, a longer and deeper journey into the beginning of Yilu as well as the bafa curriculum. Tuishou and applications (more and myriad) will certainly be covered, much is yet to be determined but the focus on fundamentals along with all kinds of useful and fun applications will be too present. In short, we will build on the previous and then expand.

If we get a significant number of new attendees we may add a section 1 session.

As before it will certainly involve an ever-present focus on function, usage cultivation and Jin (powers) in every area of teaching. This will certainly be a very sweaty and sore experience, plan on that. Our particular frame of practice also involves a rather huge amount of detail, which many may already be aware of.


By Marc Ditcher-

I recently spent 10 days in Waltham, just outside Boston, Massachusetts intensively training Chen Taijiquan with Marin Spivack, Senior disciple of Chen Yu, but also a former student of Feng Zhiqiang, and ‘Gene’ Chen Jinhong.

I would like to give an honest write-up of my experience, just as others have taken the time to do. Hopefully it will perhaps inspire some people, clear up some misunderstandings for others, or at the very least be a little interesting.


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