I am  offering online instruction, correction and support for our students and practitioners all over the world waiting their days away at home isolation and/or simply lack of access to visiting instruction etc. We all need support and inspiration. The teaching site is located at the members link on this site (https://members.molingtaiji.com/index.php) 

This online learning arrangement has been ongoing since April. It is very successful and highly unique in its level of detail, quality control, personal attention, and of course difficulty.  The teaching arrangement involves a discussion forum (registration open to the public), detailed instructional videos and live video instruction as well.

Given the nature of this art and my own approach to teaching it is also not really a public offering, but a suitability and commitment based offering; this is for the right people in the right situation with the right intention. Generally, this means student with the right psychological conditions, lack of poor character, required amount of dedication/fortitude, ability to follow-through, and suitable need-conditions.

This means this is for people who need it and are ready for it -those who are not already committed to another curriculum/teacher/school. Those who already have other/better options should stick to those. This is too demanding for a sideline approach. Those who’s goal is the become a teacher of this art and make money (anytime in the mid-future) this is not for you. Those who consider themselves ‘free agents’ hoping to get whatever they can from as many sources as possible this is not suitable either.

This is for those who really seriously want to learn this particular art, in this particular method from this particular teacher, because it is far too demanding and time/effort consuming to do for any other reason. That’s all fair warning, and we have done well so far to keep the level of seriousness good, it works. For those who know what they want feel free to apply via letter/message of interest through the molingtaiji.com contact form or the membersite message function explaining your background, current situation and reasons for interest and hopes for the future with this art.

If you would like to be involved in this please feel free to contact. New students will only be considered if they are/were planning to take on this practice as a commitment generally already, not just random or casual new students.


Chen Shi Taijiquan Gongfu Jia Marin Spivack Online Teaching (Coronavirus update)
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