These pages will be used to display some antique Chinese gongfu weapons I have collected over the years.  CLICK the Links below!

These are in some cases just to show and in others they are for sale.  I was a bit obsessive over collecting these back in the day.  Most are not fancy but very utilitarian.  I cannot really store and care for them all properly at this time so going to be thinning the herd. The collection includes Dao, Jian, DaDao, GuanDao, PuDao, Bian, Jian3, Chui, (Chinese swords, sabers, maces, sectioned whips, halberds, Polearms, Small hand weapons, hidden weapons etc.

I’ve broken up the pages to show individual pieces which will show on a dropdown menu under the main heading for Antique weapons. Prices and availability will also be listed here as they are organized.

Items currently for sale (all prices are before shipping costs).  Offers always considered, not always accepted.  Please assume all items may need some restoration to varying degrees.  These are in no way perfect:

Stout country jian smasher $375 (sold)

Peasant martial slasher $250 (SOLD)

Heavy Jian #1 SOLD

Smaller country dao $200 (SOLD)

Smaller Metal Inlay Illustrated Dao $600 ON HOLD

Decorated Dao SOLD

Old chinese military dao SOLD

Hook swords $800 (sold)

Pu dao $250 (sold)


Short dao #1 $150 (SOLD)

Shuang jian set $600

Small jian $1 $450 (sold)

Small jian #2 $500

Chinese Polearm Head $1200

5ft Pu Dao (not for sale, worth a look)

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