It only took us 3 years to finally make it happen.  Rambouillet, a little over an hour outside of Paris, if Paris forgets it has traffic, It’s a beautiful quiet forested town.  We tried to do this pre-Covid and got blocked by Wuhan Bio-hazard labs apparently.  Flights cancelled, lives disrupted, paranoia cultivated etc.  Finally we made it happen and it was wonderful to see students after three years.  Although it was a small (and excessively dedicated) group, we had attendance from Australia, South East Asia, Ireland, and France, well and myself.

It was an excellent week of hard training.  A good training room with mats made for a rather sweaty and ‘impactful’ throwing study, which likely saved some injuries. We trained outside at the Bergerie Nationale which is lovely and forest-y with clean air and history.

It’s all been a blur now as I try to nurse my stiffening legs.  I am certain we covered a lot of material, I just cannot remember what it was.  I am guessing foundational bitterness, Tuishou detail, grappling methods, Qinna tecniques, some striking and maybe something else, qigong maybe?  I hope we do this again, with some frequency.  New interested folks, don’t be shy.  Make your presence and interest known.


Chen Taijiquan Workshop Rambouillet, France 2023 a Triumph of Perseverance!
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