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Welcome to an Old Friend

March 26, 2018 in Articles, asides, Taijiquan Musings by Mo Ling

Saturday we had cause for celebration as we welcome another long term compatriot in the Taijiquan gongfu pursuit through the door to deeper practice and preservation of this ages old art. Nuri Friedlander has been a hard working student for a number of years now, fighting the good fight to balance a life with family, work, and practice and still find a way to show up.

Everyone has enjoyed his company and friendship. More recently he found a way to allow for more practice and somewhat shockingly made fast progress to overcome obstacles and receive from that experience the confidence to take on a greater commitment.

The great satisfaction of teaching is watching students succeed and the art take root in their bodies and lives. Like a child watching a tree sprout from seed the first time, there is a wonder in observing this very natural art come alive, again.

We celebrate the many years into the future he will nurture this seed to a tree, then a forest. I thank all those friends and family in attendance for their friendship and support of this challenging and obscure lifestyle. We are all enriched by Nuri’s progress, presence and intensity.

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by Mo Ling

Chen Shi Taijiquan Gongfu Jia Workshop #1 South UK

March 15, 2018 in asides, Events by Mo Ling

Marin Spivack will be teaching the first gongf jia workshop in south UK, August 3-6 2018.  Details and registration info here:

by Mo Ling

New additions

January 28, 2018 in Articles, asides, Events, Photos by Mo Ling

Yesterday we had the good fortune to welcome Yu Dechang to our gongfu family.  He has been a very hard working and dedicated student and shows great promise to develop gongfu and carry on this rare art.  His dedication and cheerful character are well received by the school and gongfu brothers and sisters alike.  We are looking forward to future practice and camaraderie with a new level of depth.

The serious student looking for a great art and teacher is a difficult objective, rarely achieved.  However the serious teacher looking for suitable and dedicated students is even less likely to achieve.  In the case that both meet their objective the opportunity must be seized.  Gongratulations, thanks and welcome, Yu Dechang!

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by Mo Ling

Chen Taijiquan Gongfu Jia; Roots Determine the Genetics of Trunk and Branches

July 24, 2015 in Articles, asides, Taijiquan Musings by Mo Ling

The reason for the stance methods, and the low stance methods is not (in our line) solely due to the common talking point that it is for strength, or even the very true point that it develops root.

In our line it really IS for developing root, but what is that root for?  It is certainly for martial usage, but it and the leg methods/shapes also have an alternate purpose.

This is related to the energetic/medicinal design of the art.  Just as the shapes of the arms determine energy flow, so do the shapes of the legs.  Similar to meditation sitting methods, the stance methods and shapes of our art create and determine specific Read the rest of this entry →

by Mo Ling

Taijigongfu power

May 27, 2015 in asides, Photos, Taijiquan Musings by Mo Ling

T. Klugman practices Lan Zhayi absorbing local vibes.

by Mo Ling

Through the Looking Glass of Gongfu

March 17, 2013 in Articles, asides, Taijiquan Musings, Uncategorized by Mo Ling

One of the special qualities of Taijiquan gongfu, is the ‘through the looking glass’ aspect of the practice. Regardless of the ever-ongoing debate about the meaning of ‘internal’ in internal arts, there is a very obvious and easy to grasp internal aspect to this practice. In Taijiquan practice, of absolute paramount importance is to develop a deep knowing of one’s own body. This in itself is a very internal practice.

Taijiquan, focuses intently on the union between Read the rest of this entry →

by Mo Ling

Beijing 2013

February 26, 2013 in Articles, asides, Taijiquan Musings, Uncategorized by Mo Ling

Writing from Beijing, again. Revisiting old friends, old places, old feelings, and rekindling and examining old thoughts. Something as simple and powerful as a smell can return one to the root and seed of gongfu acquisition, if that is how one lived it.

This blog has been very hard to access, likely due to server distance or some other more insurmountable reasons, so just this short note for now.

Beijing, always changing and eating itself, I find this time, feels much more like ten years ago to me than 6 years ago. I don’t notice the omnipresent residential blocks that were sprouting up when I lived here so much now. At that time it was all the noise and construction cranes, but now they are just lived in as they are probably close to running out of room to build them, and forlorn families to kick out of residences to claim land for more.

This time, I don’t really notice them, and I am staying in one anyhow. What I notice is all the things I lived with before, that seem to not have changed very much. Plenty of things HAVE changed of course, but it seems more is the same than I expected. Although the society becomes more modern in very obvious ways, apparently many people who have become modernized are also going to revert to their traditional ways when they grow older. There is still no shortage of traditional culture in Beijing, and of course gongfu is sewn into that tapestry.

I do hope the powers that be can find a way to address their air quality issues because that is a bit terrifying, equally worrisome is the food safety situation. Aside from those issues, it is such an interesting place (for those who speak the language).

I am going to write a lot more about this in the future and also have some photos to share, but for now, a rest and then off to see Shifu again.

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