Dates: December 8th-11th.

This will be the second focused training workshop for Traditional Chen Taijiquan Gongfu Jia in Fort Collins, CO on the methods and line of Chen Zhaokui via his Son Chenyu, as taught to and by his 20th Generation Tudi Marin Spivack.

Attendance is invitation, and/or application only. Participation will be strictly limited to those with the specific intent and ability to follow through on long term training in this particular art & line.  Interested parties should contact through this site’s contact page.

This is not for those looking for an introduction who are focused and comitted to another practice/style/school. This is for those who want a new direction and are fully ready to take it on. The training is very very challenging and we are not watering it down for commercial concerns. If you would like to attend you will have to individually apply via message or email explaining why you are a good fit forthis training and how it may fit into your future. While this may seem strict and rigid, no one else is bothering to do this and so be it. For carefree and easygoing training in Chen Taijiquan there are plenty of simple commercial offerings for those who find this unacceptable.

The training will be very detail rich and following the traditional model of establishing rigorous fundamental structural building blocks ad basic abilities before additional layers are placed above. The exact curriculum is still fluid. Returning students will certainly have an indepth review of the first sessions material and corrections and refinement of it as well. Then, a longer and deeper journey into the beginning of Yilu as well as the bafa curriculum. Tuishou and applications (more and myriad) will certainly be covered, much is yet to be determined but the focus on fundamentals along with all kinds of useful and fun applications will be too present. In short, we will build on the previous and then expand.

If we get a significant number of new attendees we may add a section 1 session.

As before it will certainly involve an ever-present focus on function, usage cultivation and Jin (powers) in every area of teaching. This will certainly be a very sweaty and sore experience, plan on that. Our particular frame of practice also involves a rather huge amount of detail, which many may already be aware of.

Marin Spivack Chen Shi Taijiquan Gongfu Jia Workshop Colorado #2 December 8-11 2017
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